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It's been a while-

And most of the people I knew here have left this place or changed their names.
Life goes on, and I did so too. I have moved on and the day came that I abandoned this account and everything that came with it. The Dragonbros, the arts, projects and friends.
After moving out with 18 I had to manage my life in first place, left all my online identities and focused on my future cuz I was about to have none.

It took me a while, sorry about that ^^'

But every end leads to a new beginning, and so I started from scratch, always being part of the furry community I decided to use my new freedom to do whatever I want, and sheesh, I really needed that!
I respawned, with a new name and I began to meet people in RL, build up a little fuzzy family around me and started being myself again, not just in chat or on the webz but actually giving all that love and cuddles to the ones around me, and getting them back <3
I'm now part of the german furry community, met many friends there and as if stuff couldn't be better, I met my pretty lovely darling~
Sooo.. I spend most of my time meeting friends, cuddling up with them, being mad with my better half, going to conventions and living the wild style.
as you can imagine, not that much time for the internetz :P

One shall not revive thy dead ones. and this account is dead, It's part of an old life, it's been a big part of my life actually but now I have a new one I want and need to focus on :)
I won't post any more art here, I won't answer any more notes, comments or whatever. But like always there will be people who need help and those who want to talk, need advice or anything else. And of course those that are looking back and watch out for an old friend or something like this.
You guys can always reach me at my email or and you're always welcome to drop me a mail, no matter if you need help or just want to revive an old contact.

I wish you all the best
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Guardian of the skies
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
special thanks to my sweet brotherThe-Cosmic-Legend who made that wonderful stamp for me:)

Hi I'm xSPYROTHEDRAGONx and I'm here to help and support as good as I can! I trust every friend of mine and I hope they do so too. If someone needs help, wants to talk or something else I'll do everything I'm able to do to help!

And yes I know my English is horrible XD so please tell me what I did wrong:D


Official DotD Artists visit their galleries and you'll find great unknown concept art pictures!……

No part of my Artworks may be reproduced or transmitted without prior written consent of me.

If you want a written consent, please fill in the Permission Document

xSPYROTHEDRAGONx Copyright 2009 - 2010 All rights reserved


J-C the creator of the dragonbrothers once put alot of time and affort into the cration of the dragonbrothericons but for a long time they couldnt be used here at dA because the filesizes were too big. Time passed by and the Dragonbrother-fanclub was created and brought the first icons as emotes to us. But there was still a big amount of icons which couldnt be used cause they were simply to big in their filesize. Finally I overworked these animations and made them small enough for deviantart to upload them as emotes :)

The Dragonbrothers such as their icons belong to J-C and may not be used without prior written permission by him!

The Dragonbrother accounts are created and hosted by xSPYROTHEDRAGONx and are free to use as emotes on deviantART!

If you have any questions about the Dragonbrothers you can ask me, and I will answer your questions as good as I can. If I cant I will forward you to J.C. :)
P.S: taking a look at the dragonbrother journal may answer some of your questions ;P


After reediting the list below I deleted some icons from it! to see the complete list with all the accounts please visit the Dragonbrother journal!

REMEMBER: all Dragonbrother animations belong to :iconj-c:

Dragonbrother accounts:
:icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:<accountsmadeby: -
:icondragonlick:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonshy2:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragoncomfort:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragondrink:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragoneat:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonhug:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonpokeplz:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonkekeplz:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonmusicplz:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonnod1:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonnod2:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonyell:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragongrin:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonwant:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonlaughplz:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonweep:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonspif:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragondizzy:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonshy2plz:-made byRodneyTheDragon
:icondragonfierce:-made byluvcynder
:icondragontired:-made byluvcynder
:icondragonshock2:-made byluvcynder
:icondragonshy1:-made byluvcynder
:icondragonshock1:-made byluvcynder
:icondragoncold:-made byluvcynder
:icondragonsleep:-made byluvcynder
:icondragontail1:-made byluvcynder
:icondragoncryingplz:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonglomp:<accountmadeby: Dragon Bros. Club
I'm going to improove the quality of the animations later but first I'll add the missing icons.

you know more? tell me!

all Dragonbrother animations belong to :iconj-c:
Dragonbrothers & animations J-C all rights reserved!

Current Residence: here and there..., deviantWEAR sizing preference: M, Favourite genre of music: everythin' you want darlin, Favourite style of art: Digital, Operating System: Vista Ultimate/ SE7EN, MP3 player of choice: ipod, Shell of choice: Shell? like the ones you find at a beach? :o, Wallpaper of choice: whatever crosses my desktop, Skin of choice: fur or scales, Favourite cartoon character: Homer Jay Simpson, Personal Quote: spirits never die, that why I'll persist forever..

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